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Mapresume is an advanced decision-making engine to make hiring easy, fast, and transparent.
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"A great tool that enhances candidate experience and also fastens-up the recruitment process by reduced TAT & a better hit ratio. A great tool that enhances candidate experience and also."

Dr. C Jayakumar

"While many companies and organizations do understand that talent attraction and nurturing is critical for business growth and employer branding, what they seem to struggle with is building and leveraging their talent database."

Kalpana Swaminathan

"BigBasket has been working with Skillate team for the past year. They have helped us optimize our recruitment needs. Their product – Skillate, not only auto sources profiles across a wide variety of platforms but also ranks the best-fits."

Tanuja Tewari

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Bengaluru-based Recruitment Platform Mapresume Reduces Hiring Time By 50% Using NLP & Deep Learning
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How artificial intelligence is reshaping recruitment, and what it means for the future of jobs
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